At Marti Law Firm, we believe lawyering is a healing profession. Much like doctors, people seek attorneys when they are at their most vulnerable; when they need the most support. That is why we are honored when a client chooses to work with us. Their choice demonstrates they are entrusting us to handle very delicate matters. We do not take this responsibility lightly. We honor our client’s choice to work with us by:

Empowering Our Clients

The legal world is complex and it can be very intimidating to navigate. Even with an attorney’s help, it can be challenging to understand what is going on in your case. We strive to empower our clients by giving them practical information that helps them understand their case. We see our clients as collaborators. We cannot do our job well without our clients’ cooperation, and this can only be possible when our clients feel empowered.


Keeping The Client Informed

The number one complaint that people have about lawyers is that they do not communicate. We strive to change that perception by instituting weekly call times for clients in which clients are able to secure an appointment to speak to their attorney, and they can feel confident that they will be able to speak to the attorney at the appointed time. We also send our clients monthly updates regarding the case even if nothing has changed, we make sure our clients feel appreciated and valued by maintaining communication lines open.


Establishing client-attorney relationships based on mutual trust and respect


Attorney and client relationships are important. Much like other interpersonal relationships, the success of a client/attorney relationship depends on mutual trust, individual personalities, communication styles, and other preferences. We take special care to make sure our clients feel comfortable before they hire us and that they feel supported throughout the entire process.